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The name Orchid Falcon stands for power

and performance joined with beauty.

After noticing a gap in the market, we wanted to create something truly unique. Our primary mission is designing fashionable and innovative sports equipment by pushing the limits of sportswear and enabling everyone to look good, feel fearless, and improve their wellbeing without compromising performance. Our brand has a niche and unique concept in sportswear that combines true craftsmanship with cutting edge designs and unmistakably bold yet sensual aesthetic.

Designed in and crafted in Europe.

We have been developing and testing our products for over a year, paying close attention to even the smallest of details. Each product is sampled in our studio, then carefully revised to ensure uncompromised quality and fit. Our team has carefully selected an array of fine European suppliers to develop elastics, metal components and custom details.

We empower.

Driven by a passion for sports and innovation, we believe in merging the idea of high-performance equipment and fashion accessories. As well as providing our customer with exquisitely designed and elegant sportswear innovations that don't just feel good but also look good. Orchid Falcon strives to bring comfort to our customers because only by being comfortable, one can exude confidence.

Orchid falcon knee pads

Driven by passion,

Team Orchid Falcon

Orchid Falcon sportswear solutions
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